Argumentative essay revision checklist

Wrap it up in a concluding punch that restates your opening remark thesis statementor, as we like to call it a "bazzinger. If you ignore them, you might as well confess that your arguments are not strong enough.

Finally, discuss what went well and what could be improved in the editing steps that were modeled.

Self & Peer Editing Checklist for Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

If you dont find enough supporting evidence, dont go inventing it yourself, as you will have to provide citations for every fact. Is the tone of the essay professional and appropriate? Have all Argumentative essay revision checklist been checked for accuracy? Looking at each paragraph separately: Has the writer used sufficient examples and detail to make his or her points clearly?

If you outline the essay by jolting down the gist of each paragraph, you will get help in answering these questions. Is the documentation in the Works Cited page and body of the essay correct? Using Search Engines Wisely! Does the essay move from general to specific? Does this draft respond to the assignment?

An introduction beginningbody middleand conclusion end An objective explanation of the issue, especially complex issues A timely news angle Opinions from the opposing viewpoint that refute the same issues the writer addresses The opinions of the writer delivered in a professional manner. The more controversial it is, the better.

Has the writer spell checked the essay? Get them sent to your inbox Your email is invalid! And remember that taking a break is not the same as dropping out.

Has the writer avoided insulting the reader? Get into the margins of the draft and comment. As you see, the tricks of getting a good grade for your argumentative essay are not hard to master. Before you drop out of college, consider taking one or two semesters off. You will have to do some research to find enough data that will back up your position.

As you see, the tricks of getting a good grade for your argumentative essay are not hard to master. Its not a reason to throw in the towel, there are so many assignments ahead of you.

Peer-Review Checklist for Draft of Argument Essay

Establish and maintain a formal style. This tool serves multiple purposes, including: Is the overall organization murky or clean? To do this, display sample text on an overhead projector, document camera, or SMART Board so that all students can view it.

Is the flow of the essay seamless? In other words, does the writer avoid introducing new material in the conclusion or switching subjects in the middle of a paragraph in the body? I believe chocolate sales should be regulated by the government because sweets can cause weight gain.

Have students work in groups of two or three to edit one piece of writing. You will have to do some research to find enough data that will back up your position. Next, choose another student to serve as the peer editor for the piece that was just self-edited.

Argument of a debatable issue with Rogerian slant? Are all quotations introduced? Take a break for a few months; it will help you restore balance.

Is the tone of the essay professional and appropriate?Free revision Money back guarantee 24/7 Support Plagiarism Free Reviews Essays Services Paraphrasing and Rewriting Be confident in the uniqueness of your paper Essay Writing Service Secure your A+ worthy essay Your A Plus Argumentative Essay Checklist.

essay. _____ At least one text structure (sequence, cause/effect, problem/solution, topic description, compare/contrast) is used to organize information in the article.

Peer-Review Checklist for Draft of Argument Essay. Read the essay through, quickly.

Your A+ Argumentative Essay Checklist

Then read it again, with the following questions in mind. Please write extensive comments either on your workshop partner's draft where applicable or on this handout. Arg-ive Essay Revision Checklist Pro/Refutation Body Paragraph(s) __ start with a topic sentence __ TS names argument __ TS relates to thesis statement __ TS connects to last paragraph __ every sent.

supports body par.

Your A+ Argumentative Essay Checklist

Revision Checklist Does the essay have a clear and concise main idea? Is this idea made clear to the reader in a thesis statement early in the essay (usually in the introduction)? Revision Checklist for Essays Many students tell us that they don't know what to check for once they have finished their essay.

They usually know to check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but other details are often seen as less important because of the high emphasis placed on these problems in their early education.

Argumentative essay revision checklist
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