Arts-based methods in health research a systematic review of the literature

In this regard, Deweyp. Photovoice as a participatory health promotion strategy. In addition to serving therapeutic purposes the arts are becoming popular as a research method.

The co-creation of a mural depicting experiences of psychosis. An exploration of the potential of progressive dissemination formats of research findings.

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Theatre of the commons: A practical guide to arts-related research. This search procedure yielded 4, abstracts. The search strategy will be guided by language English and date to restrictions.

This systematic review will provide critical information for: American Journal of Community Psychology, 51 1 What are the gaps in the knowledge base in this emerging field? Evaluating the extent to which social researchers apply feminist and empowerment frameworks in photovoice studies with female participants: This is evident on colorful, eye-catching billboards, in magazines and newspapers to advocate such things as seatbelt use or smoking cessation.

Concomitantly, there is a move in healthcare towards an integrative, collaborative, and patient-centered model of care that requires strategies be developed to: Theoretically speaking, arts-based research methods can be utilized at each stage of the research process.

International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 25 Research and Practice, The app sense of numbers and narratives in social science research. Making the personal creative and political.

Arts-based methods in health research: A systematic review of the literature

Royal College of Art Research Papers, 1 1. The literature suggests that social scientists, artists and health care practitioners recognize the potential of arts-based methods to elucidate human dimensions of health and illness in ways that augment our understanding of health and social care PAUWELS, Using drawings as a research method.

Buildings that blend nature and city [Video file]. The findings from this research project will provide critical information for: Qualitative health research, 14 2 Making space for youth: A data charting form was developed to organize our analysis.

Previous systematic review work completed by members of this group for example, SDS and LH will inform our search for studies to be included in the current review.We review literature to establish study and distinguished three major categories for classifying arts-based research: research about art, art as research, and art in research.

We further identify five main forms of arts-based research: visual art, sound art, literary art, performing art, and new media. Journal articles describing systematic review methods can be searched for in PubMed using this search string in the PubMed search box: sysrev_methods [sb].

A list of systematic review methods is on the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Health website. Examples of arts based methods The use of arts based methods in arts and health research was explored in a systematic review by Fraser and Sayah ().

A total of 30 papers were included in the review. Visual arts were used most often, followed by performance arts and literary arts. Arts primarily used for generating ideas and disseminating learning.

In this systematic review, we will synthesize evidence about the use of digital storytelling in health research studies using established systematic review methods. This review is unique in that it has a focus on a research method as opposed to a phenomenon or intervention [ 28 ].

Although the arts have been used as a research method in other disciplines, their use in health is much more recent. There is no clear understanding of the kind of arts or the way the arts have been used as a research method. This systematic review of the literature was conducted to fill this knowledge gap.

Theoretically speaking, arts-based research methods can be utilized at each stage of the research process. As a result, terminology regarding arts-based methods can be varied, with the terms ‘arts-based approaches’ [ 32, 33 ], ‘arts-based methods’ [ 34, 35 ], and ‘arts-based research methods’ [ 36 ] commonly being used interchangeably.

Arts-based methods in health research a systematic review of the literature
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