Sailor kissing nurse marks the end

She measured his ears, facial bones, hairline, wrist, knuckles, and hand, and compared those to enlargements of Eisenstaedt's picture. Thousands of women also went overseas to become was nurses to help the wounded soldiers.

Rations were given to citizens in order to ensure that there was enough food and supplies to ship overseas to the soldiers. Although she did not know him or what was even going on, the kiss became an iconic symbol and she appreciated that.

Then suddenly, in a flash, I saw something white being grabbed. Benson, a photograph analysis expert, professor of photographic studies, plus the former Dean of the School of Arts at Yale University.

Nurse kissed in iconic V-J Day photo dead at 92

Back then, it was just one of those things: While George says he was too drunk to even remember the kiss, Greta recalls being grabbed clearly. The scene of Times Square, however, was so crazy that Mendonsa ended up grabbing the nurse and kissing her. The economy boomed as more jobs were created to make war supplies and weapons for the soldiers and Americans worked together to win the war.

George and Rita, now married for 66 years, live in Rhode Island, where a copy of the famous photo hangs in their hallway and another downstairs. With such an iconic photograph, Mendosa and Friedman were eager to tell the world they were the two pictured.

Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii Essay

If the sailor had worn a white uniform, the same. I looked up and saw he was taking the picture and I kissed her as long as took for him to take it. She says the photo, like the kiss, has never been an issue in their marriage.

Friedman had only lived in the United Sates about six years when this photograph was taken. The nation struggled as thousands of men were deployed to service and women were left to care for their families. While it was reported to be a genuine event, it was the second flag-raising of the day atop Mount Suribachi.

The man and woman are surrounded by surprised yet jubilant fellow Americans. Although the scene looks to be very chaotic with all the people and excitement, the couple kissing in the middle show the clarity.

The United States had struggled and fought for so long that when the news hit that the war had finally ended, it excited Mendonsa so much that he kissed a stranger.Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii Essay. Blakely Durham Professor Perkins ENGL 8 May Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II World War II was a very iconic and memorable time in American history - Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War Ii Essay introduction.

Because the war lasted for nearly seven years, the ending was an absolute celebration. In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, a sailor and a nurse kiss passionately in Manhattan's Times Square, as New York City celebrates the end of World War II, on August 14, The "Kissing" sailor in the title of this intriguing book is the unknown swabbie who grabbed a pretty nurse (actually a dental assistant) and kissed her passionately in Times Square on the day World War II ended.

It was V-J Day, Japan had been defeated at last, and overjoyed New Yorkers flooded Times Square to. Blakely Durham Professor Perkins ENGL 8 May Sailor Kissing Nurse Marks the End of World War II World War II was a very.

Aug 15,  · Michelle Miller takes a look at the photo known simply as “The Kiss,” and introduces us to the famous sailor and nurse whose embrace has inspired the.

Sep 13,  · The woman photographed in the iconic picture of a World War II sailor kissing a nurse died Thursday at the age of The Story Behind the Iconic WWII Kissing Photo. of course. In time.

Sailor kissing nurse marks the end
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