Sales promotional strategies followed by the retail sector

The Industry Handbook: The Retailing Industry

The relatively low competition in those areas offers higher profit margins and growth to retailers compared to big cities where profit is greatly reduced by stiff competition, growing labour wages and high operating expenses See Labour Pains in Indonesia.

Communication — promotions gain attention and usually provide information that may lead the consumer to the product 2. The sector is the second largest employment sector in Indonesia after the agricultural sector.

Many companies can provide you sales assessments to both identify top candidates and develop currently employed sales people. You may also want to consider sponsoring local organizations in exchange for advertising opportunities or other exposure.

It does not cost anything to set up an account on eBay, and you pay a proportion based on the cost of the item you are trying to sell.

Same store sales are also commonly referred to as "comps. The Internet Industry All businesses that sell goods and services to consumers fall under the umbrella of retailing, but there are several directions we can take from here. Just consider eBay for example, which generates millions of dollars of sales each year.

In the retail industry, suppliers tend to have very little power. The jump-start effect is often used in the retail context.

10 retail marketing ideas to boost sales

For starters, there are department stores, discount stores, specialty stores and even seasonal retailers. Personal Income and Outlays. The Consumer Confidence Survey is based on a sample of 5, U. Through point of sale display materials ii.

Sales Promotion Strategies: 3 Types of Sales Promotion Strategies | Explained

Low quality of retail selling: Invitation — promotions include a distinct invitation to engage in the transaction now. Historically, retailers have tried to exploit relationships with suppliers.

The Best Marketing Techniques for Retail Businesses

PR Public relations and marketing might not be identical, but the end-goal is often similar: Trial is necessary for any new brand which has the disadvantage of not having the equity enjoyed by well established brands.

Employee training You probably spend a lot of time training employees to work the register, open and close, and keep items stocked — but how much time do you devote to training employees to sell?

Once they are offered purchase incentives, consumers and channel members get used to them and soon begin expecting them. Price competition is often used by a small brand seeking to enlarge its share, but it is less effective for a category leader whose growth lies in expanding the entire category.

Relative Importance of sales promotion: There are many reasons why brands offer discounted prices and sales promotion that includes freebies. Retailers offering products that are unique have a distinct or absolute advantage over their competitors. A high ratio implies either strong sales or ineffective buying from suppliers.

Do you place posters and flyers on community bulletin boards, or banners at busy intersections? Lotte still considers Indonesia as a potential market and will open new branches, including in the eastern regions of the country. Are their stores clean, bright and fun to shop in?


Get permission from your customers to use their E-mail address. Their vertical structure and centralized buying gives chain stores a competitive advantage over independent retailers.Top Eight Marketing and Sales Strategies by Gregory P. Smith place a mental image in your mind as if you are the largest and most successful person in your industry.

How much time is consumed by routine office work someone else should be doing?


Spend more time with more important tasks such as marketing strategies, improving. In this section we briefly summarize the existing theories on sales or promotional retail pricing and extract from this the relevant ideas to model retail pricing for fresh foods.

Different promotional strategies can be applied to organise sales, such as shelf price. Human Resource Management in Organized Retail Industry in India remaining 92 percent is left unorganized and within the organized sector, apparel is the largest segment while food and grocery and mobile and telecom are the other major.

The optimism about the future of the Indonesian retail sector was also apparent in the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) published by global consultancy firm, A.T.

Kearney, which placed Indonesia in fifth position, below China, India, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan, with. Retail promotional strategy 1. RETAIL PROMOTIONAL MANAGEMENTAT RELIANCE FOOT PRINT• KUMAR.G• PGDM,ESCI 2.

Retail Promotion• Any communication by a retailer thatinforms, persuades, and/or reminds thetarget market about any aspect ofthat firm. Promotion Strategy Study: Attract Retail Consumers. Published on June 7, To retail industry, sales achievement does not always mean profits increased, or mean loyal customer-base increased.

Sales promotional strategies followed by the retail sector
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